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A' ghiadh mhor!! The Outer Hebrides' top exponents of Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock have created a new wepsite to replace their defunct one at groups.msn.com. And here it is.

Here's the places you can go from this page:

AGOFR but not the Guireans THE GUIREANS not AGOFR at all at all

Obviously, the Guireans are the original and purest artistes in the genre of Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock (AGOFR).

Some lesser practitioners of the genre have their websites listed below:

The AGOFR Supergroup

aka "Lechends of AGOFR 30th Anniversary Tour"

Find out more about the mysterious Ewetube sensations from Sounds in the Grounds 2009

The Dun Ringles

Overproduced pomp-AGOFR rooted in 70s prog virtuosity and verging dangerously close to "proper" music.

dunringles on myspace


ye olde dunringles msn stuff


Early-80s Matheson Road AGOFR dilettantes and townie rivals to the Guireans

The Made Up History of Stornoway

This completely untrue series of articles about the Outer Hebrides' capital could be termed Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk History

Also on Facebook


Coinneach Gobha's Library of the Guireans

Go to the Library and find out everything you never wanted to know about the Guireans and their place in Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock mythology.

Hosted within a high-end supercomputer simulation of a dilapidated portakabin on Keith Street, the Library includes the band bio/tapeography, live appearances, links, old news - all the stuff that used to be on the old Guireans msn groups site

Now if only we could get rid of the virtual old bleigeards who come in every day and lurk in the reference section... 

The Guireans On Facebook

Current day-to-day Guireans ruppish - news, posts, comments etc.

Old Guireans Myspace Page

Between MSN and Facebook, most of the Guireans' day-to-day blogs, song posts etc were on Myspace. There's still a page there but there's fleek all on it nowadays.

Access AGOFR Supergroup Pages


AGOFR Calendars Now Downloadable

Click Here to download B˛rd Sti¨readh na h-AGOFR's exclusive Miosachan Oifigeal na h-AGOFR  - The Official Calendar of Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock - for fleek all.

Old Guireans News....


Contact the Guireans at theguireans@hotmail.uk or on facebook.


Guireans-related-bands who aren't AGOFR but are too mean to buy their own web domain names..

subterraneans image and link

Sandwick's meanest rockinest 60s garage combo (of the 1980s)

Bio, tapeography, pictures, videos etc.


21st century descendants of the Subterraneans

Bodaich Bhuthanais

O mo chreach - Mysterious Gaelic-only garage/psyche combo from somewhere in the Isle of Lewis and not related to any Guireans at all. Their myspace page is a bit dead but here's a video...

Roddy Huggan/Idlewood

Easy listening folk/pop acoustic singer/songwriter with no connection to any of the above.

Some Random Guy

Occasional Guirean Roddy "Rod Morison" Morrison's musical outpourings (when he's not being in Kroftwerk)